Monday, 5 March 2012

I won! I won!

So first of all I should say that I looooooove  They are a site that offers two deals per day on scrap booking supplies a first come first serve basis.  They have great deals and I have gotten a lot of my supplies from them.  (I also love and which are sister sites)

They also have a blog where they do giveaways.  Now normally I don't get excited over giveaways/draws since I rarely win anything (for example I played the 50/50 draw at work almost every Friday for four years before they canceled it and I never won once) but I will enter my name into  random contests on occasion  'just in case', and then usually I forget about it because I figure nothing will come of it.

A few weeks ago was having a draw for Snake Adhesive prize packs and on a whim I entered my name.  And this time I was chosen as a runner up!  Yayy!  Apparently I will be getting 2  of each type of runner, and there are three different runners. I can't wait to them out!

Its kind of funny because just the other day I was thinking that I was running low on my usual brand, lol.

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