Monday, 8 February 2016

January - Sock Blanket Madness

January was a month of knitting for me.  I had decided that since I knit so many things for others for Christmas I was going to knit whatever I wanted, and I did!  I decided to spend a lot of time on my sock yarn blankie.

In January alone I've added 85 new squares (I count the big ones as four) for a total of 330 squares.  In the end I will need 1201 squares to cover my queen sized mattress so I have a way to go, but I love this blanket so much I'm fairly certain that I won't mind the years of work this will take, lol.

If you are interested in this amazing project you can find the original here on Shelly Kang's blog.  Her original blanket is so pretty!

I also worked on a couple of pairs of socks this month.

On Christmas day I started a pair of socks with some yarn Santa brought me.  Its amazing how he knew which exact yarn I would like!  Anyway, I've knit a few pairs of Jaywalker socks before and I love how they fit, so I decided this fun yarn would look nice with this pattern.

I also decided I wanted to knit a vanilla pair of socks, and lets be honest, I really wanted to use this yarn with my blanket.  I love this Turtle Purl yarn called "Taste the Rainbow".

Finally, I decided to finish a pair of socks I started before Christmas.  They were intended for a secret Santa gift, but when I realized the secret Santa gift was due the next day I decided they would be for me, lol.  I wasn't really sure how this Red Heart sock yarn would really work out but I like how its knit up.  I find it a bit stretchy so it seems to knit up best with a needle size down from what I'm used to.  I didn't quite finish these before the end of January so I'll show them in my post for next month.

Part of the reason for this last pair of socks is that I've been gearing up for "Finishuary".  For the whole month of February I'm just going to work on projects I've already started.  The plan is to clear out all of the WIPs so I can start fresh a bit more organized.  We'll see how that goes!  :)

See you next month!