Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Faux Metallic Embellishments - a tutorial!

As card makers we all know it’s fun to make your own embellishments, and these faux metallic ones are no exception.  I must admit I did not come up with this on my own, I originally saw Kristina Werner use this technique, but it is a useful one you can easily tailor to your favourite style of card making. You can use any of your favourite stamps with this technique, although the best ones should be a clear image without too much detail as this will allow you to get a good impression in your ‘metal’.  Read on to see what I mean!

 Materials needed:

  • ·   Scrap paper (it doesn’t matter what the scrap looks like as you won’t see it when you are done)
  • ·   Embossing powder – any shade you like will work.  I’m using silver here.
  • ·   Heat tool.
  • ·   Coffee filter or scrap paper – to catch the excess embossing powder.  I find coffee filters work better than scraps, and then I can use my scraps for something else.
  • ·    Versamark or any embossing ink.
  • ·    Stamps and stamp block.  I'm using Mark's Finest Papers Seed Packets.
  • ·    A punch or die to cut out your image.

Step #1 – Press your embossing ink pad directly to your scrap of card stock you plan to use.  Make sure you cover an area large enough to accommodate your stamp.

Step #2 – Pour your embossing powder over the inked spot and tap off the excess.

Step #3 – Melt the powder with your heat tool.

Step #4 – Once the spot cools a bit, add more embossing ink and powder and melt again.

Step #5 – Repeat step #4 two more times until you have four layers of melted embossing powder.  The surface will look more and more mirror-like with each layer.

Step #6 – Mount your stamp on the acrylic block and press it into your embossing ink pad.  Make sure the stamp is well coated, as this protects it from the hot embossing powder.  Also make sure you complete this step before starting on step #7. This is really important.

Step  #7 – One more time coat the spot with embossing ink and embossing powder, then heat.  Quickly press your stamp firmly into the hot embossing powder until it cools.  You must do this very quickly as embossing powder cools really fast.


Fun, eh?  The reveal is my favourite part. 

Step #8 – Since we are now done with the embossing powder it’s a good idea to pour it back to the container to avoid a mess (ask me how I know).  Coffee filters make this really easy.

Step #9 – Punch or die cut your image once it is nice and cool.  When using a punch I like to flip it over to ensure the placement of the image on the shape.

You are done! 

Want to see my finished card?  Click here to see today's post.  Enjoy! :)

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