Saturday, 7 July 2012

More Great News!!

Remember a while ago when I said good things come in threes?  Well, I was referring to the number of posts I did that day, but as it turns out my good news came in threes too.  Shortly after that post I was offered the position of design team member for Use it Tuesday!!!  I"m sooo excited!

Yet another fun challenge blog with another great twist.  The premise at Use it Tuesday is to dig into your stash!  Who doesn't have piles of stuff you have collected over the years because you love it, yet it just collects because you keep collecting more stuff?  At Use it Tuesday your challenge is to dig out the stuff you have burried in your craft room and  use it!  Now you don't have an excuse to hoard all that stuff.  :)

My first post will be on Tuesday (July  10) so be sure to come back and join in the fun!! :)

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