Saturday, 25 January 2014

Get Inspired - Clouds and Rainbows

Hi everyone!  Its Saturday which means its time for some cardmaking inspiration!

This week its my turn to share something I've found inspirational.  I was looking through the photography section of Pinterest and I came accross this image:

This pretty photo originally came from a Russian site you can find here.  From what I understand from Google translate the site contains photos from photographer Saul Santos Diaz.  I love the rainbow colours as a backdrop for the clouds so I used that as my inspiration.  Here is what I came up with:

I used two Mark's Finest Papers sets. The clouds come from a set called "Rain Clouds", and the sentiments come from a more recent set called "Lots of Words".

For the background I hauled out all of my bakers twine and added the colours to the main panel in rainbow order.  Can't remember rainbow order?  I still use an acronym from elementary school science class- Roy G Biv which stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo Violet.  Good ol' Roy always comes in handy, lol.

Once I stamped the clouds I trimmed them out, foam taped them to the card and added some Glossy Accents.  Once dry I added rhinestones and my sentiment.  A final touch was the little bow in red twine, I couldn't resist.  

The center was kept simple with a sentiment and offset clouds.

Thats it for me today, I hope you find my post inspirational!  Please visit the Get Inspired page at MFP Speedy TV next week to see what MariLynn does with this image.  There are so many different things she could do! In the meantime have a look around you and see if anything inspires you.  Inspiration to create can come from anywhere!  Feel free to share your creations with us.  :)

If you are not a member of MFP Speedy TV, its a free social networking site focused on stamping and cardmaking with MFP stamps.  In additon to our column you will find lots of inspiration, including other informative columns on a daily basis, so why not click over and see what you are missing!

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